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Here You will find links to some samples taken from som of Jakob's previous commissions. The samples have been sorted by type and title and the company who commissioned the illustration (and therefore the owner of the rights to the illustration) has been written in parenteses following the description.

Below you will find links to all images in the whole freelance gallery. This can be practical if you have a slow connection, or if you don't want to view the images as thumbnails first.

All illustrations in this gallery are commissions and may therefore under no circumstances be used unless You have a written permission from the company or individual that originally commissioned the illustration.

The gallery contains 530 images

All designs are © Jakob Kramer.

The Gallery
BRS = Beredskabsstyrelsen
CPH = Copenhagen Publishing House
DBS = Danske Baptisters Spejderkorps
HRT = Helge Rasmussen Trikotagefabrik A/S
KFUM = KFUM Scouts of Denmark
NVA = Nordisk Vareagentur A/S
PLB = P. L. Brandteknik ApS.
PN&D = Private Nurse & Doctors ApS.

Book illustrations
AkelaWallpaper 800x600 (KFUM)36,4
Bæver 1Lommebæver, cover (KFUM)72,5
Bæver 2Lommebæver, toony (KFUM)41,1
Bæver 3Lommebæver, seasons (KFUM)58,8
Bæver 4Lommebæver, instructions (KFUM)17,6
Bæver 5Lommebæver, animals (KFUM)56,9
Carry 1Adam and Eve (CPH)147
Carry 2Noah (CPH)130
Carry 3Abraham (CPH)153
Carry 4Moses (CPH)154
Carry 5Exodus (CPH)162
Carry 6Jericho (CPH)164
Carry 7Samson (CPH)155
Carry 8David and Goliath (CPH)135
Carry 9Esther (CPH)151
Carry 10Jonas and the whale (CPH)88,3
Carry 11Daniel in the oven (CPH)166
Carry 12Jesus heals (CPH)105
Carry 13Food for 5000 (CPH)139
Carry 14Jesus stills the storm (CPH)126
Carry 15The Crucifixion (CPH)78,0
Drøm 1House of the Antelope (55 Nord)129
Drøm 2Compassion (55 Nord)121
Drøm 3Interpretor of Dreams (55 Nord)131
Drøm 4The Fisherman and the Rat (55 Nord)132
Drøm 5Space (55 Nord)150
Drøm 6The Snake in the Waterhole (55 Nord)187
Drøm 7The Mirror (55 Nord)125
Drøm 8The Wooden Plate (55 Nord)149
FDF-bog 1 1Sille with a feeding house (FDF)89,2
FDF-bog 1 2Water battle (FDF)105
FDF-bog 1 3Around the campfire (FDF)120
FDF-bog 2 1At the train station (FDF)101
FDF-bog 2 2Catching crabs (FDF)103
FDF-bog 2 3In the church (FDF)91,9
FDF-bog 3 1Indian street life (FDF)107
FDF-bog 3 2Spicy food (FDF)72,6
FDF-bog 3 3The spice shop (FDF)89,8
FDF-bog 4 1Summer camp (FDF)85,7
FDF-bog 4 2Night trip (FDF)87,8
FDF-bog 4 3The house in the forrest (FDF)83,2
FDF-bog 5 1Milking (FDF)54,7
FDF-bog 5 2Morning fog (FDF)79,7
FDF-bog 5 3Tractor (FDF)68,1
Førstehælp 1Cover illustration (PLB)111
Førstehælp 2Babies, pills and chemicals (PLB)115
Førstehælp 3Children falling (PLB)114
Førstehælp 4More falling children (PLB)141
Førstehælp 5Burn is cooled down with water (PLB)93,6
Førstehælp 6Cat bites child (PLB)62,1
Førstehælp 7Child gets electric shock (PLB)93,1
HathiWallpaper 1024x768 (KFUM)38,8
Ildbog 1Fire types (KFUM/ FDF)60,8
Ildbog 2Clams (KFUM/ FDF)45,2
Ildbog 3Making pottery (KFUM/ FDF)37,0
Jungle 1Orangutangs (CPH)97,6
Jungle 2Jaguars (CPH)110
Jungle 3Python (CPH)75,7
Jungle 4Macaws (CPH)76,0
Jungle 5Tiger (CPH)101
Jungle 6Gibbons (CPH)87,3
Junglebook 1Junglefortællinger (KFUM)129
Junglebook 2Junglefortællinger (KFUM)116
Junglebook 3Junglefortællinger (KFUM)129
Junglebook 4Junglefortællinger (KFUM)93,1
Junglebook 5Junglefortællinger (KFUM)92,4
Junglebook 6Junglefortællinger (KFUM)50,6
KaaWallpaper 800x600 (KFUM)32,9
Kodebog 1Code book cover (55 Nord)106
Kodebog 2Hidden text (55 Nord)82,5
Kodebog 3Signalling (55 Nord)76,7
Kodebog 4Kids (55 Nord)104
Kodebog 5Codemaking (55 Nord)107
Kodebog 6Computer codes (55 Nord)89,5
Kodebog 7Semaphore in the dark (55 Nord)94,1
Legebog 1Cover (KFUM)79,4
Legebog 2Memory games (KFUM)165
Legebog 3Mixed games (KFUM)169
Legebog 4Catch games (KFUM)150
Lommebog 1Pocketbook (KFUM)65,6
Lommebog 2Pocketbook (KFUM)76,5
Bible Storybook 1Genesis - earth (CPH)96,6
Bible Storybook 2Genesis - plants (CPH)117
Bible Storybook 3Genesis - something is missing (CPH)118
Bible Storybook 4Genesis - the snake (CPH)78,9
Bible Storybook 5Noah - Assignment from God (CPH)80,8
Bible Storybook 6Noah - world under water (CPH)90,2
Bible Storybook 7Tower of Babel (CPH)91,4
Bible Storybook 8Abraham (CPH)81,6
Bible Storybook 9Jacob and Rebecca (CPH)97,8
Bible Storybook 10Jacob's ladder (CPH)103
Bible Storybook 11Joseph is thrown into the well (CPH)78,5
Bible Storybook 12Fat and skinny cows (CPH)173
Bible Storybook 13Moses in the basket (CPH)98,2
Bible Storybook 14Ten plagues - frogs (CPH)102
Bible Storybook 15Jericho (CPH)124
Bible Storybook 16David and Goliath (CPH)110
Bible Storybook 17David flees from Saul (CPH)90,8
Bible Storybook 18Elijah (CPH)101
Bible Storybook 19Jonah and the big fish (CPH)51,7
Bible Storybook 20Teh stables in Bethlehem (CPH)118
Bible Storybook 21Food for 5000 (CPH)120
Bible Storybook 22Jesus walks on water (CPH)101
Bible Storybook 23Den lost son (CPH)111
Bible Storybook 24Judas kisses Jesus (CPH)114
Bible Storybook 25A big catch of fish (CPH)161
Natbog 1Nightmen (KFUM)99,3
Natbog 2Pyjamas party (KFUM)93,8
Natbog 3Obstacle course (KFUM)51,9
Natbog 4Robin Hood (KFUM)72,3
Naturbog 1Indian signs (55 Nord)101
Naturbog 2Bees and flower (55 Nord)73,7
Naturbog 3Bee and flower (55 Nord)57,4
Naturbog 4History of the Earth (55 Nord)125
Naturbog 5Insects (55 Nord)89,2
Naturbog 6Insects (55 Nord)91,9
Naturbog 7Insects (55 Nord)85,1
Naturbog 8Insects (55 Nord)87,6
Naturbog 9Insects (55 Nord)94,0
Noah 1Building the Ark (CPH)187
Noah 2The storm (CPH)206
Noah 3A new beginning (CPH)181
PingvinenSketch book cover (55 Nord)159
Savanne 1Elephant (CPH)75,5
Savanne 2Lions (CPH)67,6
Savanne 3Antelopes (CPH)84,5
Savanne 4Zebras (CPH)88,1
Savanne 5Rhinoceros (CPH)83,0
Savanne 6Giraffes (CPH)89,4
Sketchbog 1Cover (KFUM)75,3
Sketchbog 2A bit of everything (KFUM)149
Sketchbog 3Oh my Lord (KFUM)147
Sketchbog 4Series (KFUM)125
Sketchbog 5At the doctor (KFUM)120
Sketchbog 6Blondes (KFUM)115
SnittebogDifferent types of wood (55 Nord)156
Spionbog 1Cover (KFUM)90,5
Spionbog 2Deafs' alphabet (KFUM)64,0
Spionbog 3Light signals (KFUM)77,1
Spionbog 4Two kids (KFUM)89,5
Spionbog 5Computer and SMS (KFUM)71,7
Spionbog 6Book search (KFUM)71,4
Tovbog 1Cover (KFUM)75,9
Tovbog 2Uses of rope (KFUM)71,8
Tovbog 3Cowboy (KFUM)53,2
Tovbog 4Skipping rope (KFUM)44,0
Tovbog 5Bucket games (KFUM)43,4
Tovbog 6Putting up a flag (KFUM)75,6
TreesBook for leaders (KFUM)82,1
Vejrbog 1Four 'professors' (KFUM)97,8
Vejrbog 2Sunshine hits Earth (KFUM)43,0
Vejrbog 3How to construct a weather station (KFUM)71,4
Vejrbog 4Rainbow factory (KFUM)42,8
Vejrbog 5Cold and warm weather fronts (KFUM)110
Vejrbog 6Wind measuring (KFUM)37,1
Walk 1Creation of the Universe (CPH)92,6
Walk 2In Egypt & Exodus (CPH)177
Walk 3Samson and Gideon (CPH)196
Walk 4David and Solomon (CPH)189
Walk 5Daniel and Babylon (CPH)201
Walk 6Jesus (CPH)148
Walk 7Back cover illustration (CPH)110

Production series
E-card 1E-card (Lykkedyr)49,3
E-card 2E-card (Lykkedyr)48,8
E-card 3E-card (Lykkedyr)38,2
E-card 4E-card (Lykkedyr)51,8
E-card 5E-card (Lykkedyr)39,6
E-card 6E-card (Lykkedyr)37,1
Key Ring 1Key ring (Lykkedyr)48,5
Key Ring 2Key ring (Lykkedyr)49,4
Key Ring 3Key ring (Lykkedyr)56,9
Key Ring 4Key ring (Lykkedyr)55,5
Key Ring 5Key ring (Lykkedyr)47,3
Key Ring 6Key ring (Lykkedyr)52,3
Key Ring 7Key ring (Lykkedyr)52,6
Key Ring 8Key ring (Lykkedyr)50,0
Key Ring 9Key ring (Lykkedyr)56,6
Key Ring 10Key ring (Lykkedyr)47,0
SMSHomepage graphics (Lykkedyr)55,4
Streetwear 1Prints for clothes (Lykkedyr)86,5
Streetwear 2Prints for clothes (Lykkedyr)75,9
Wallpaper 1800x600 (Lykkedyr)95,4
Wallpaper 11024x768 (Lykkedyr)133,5
Wallpaper 2800x600 (Lykkedyr)71,0
Wallpaper 21024x768 (Lykkedyr)103,8
Wallpaper 3800x600 (Lykkedyr)71,8
Wallpaper 31024x768 (Lykkedyr)105,2
Wallpaper 4800x600 (Lykkedyr)56,5
Wallpaper 41024x768 (Lykkedyr)81,9
Wallpaper 5800x600 (Lykkedyr)88,5
Wallpaper 51024x768 (Lykkedyr)126,9
Wallpaper 6800x600 (Lykkedyr)81,5
Wallpaper 61024x768 (Lykkedyr)114,2
DækservietRestaurant napkin, A3 (Bones)120
Julekort 1Christmas card (,4
Julekort 2Christmas card (,0
Julekort 3Christmas card (,7
Julekort 4Christmas card (,4
Julekort 5Christmas card (,6
Julekort 6Christmas card (,9
Kalender 1Christmas calendar illustration (,1
Kalender 2Christmas calendar illustration (,6
Kalender 3Christmas calendar illustration (,0
Kalender 4Christmas calendar illustration (,9
Kalender 5Christmas calendar illustration (,0
Kalender 6Christmas calendar illustration (,5
Kalender 7Christmas calendar illustration (,3
Kalender 8Christmas calendar illustration (,6
Kalender 9Christmas calendar illustration (,9
Kalender 10Christmas calendar illustration (,2
Kalender 11Christmas calendar illustration (,7
Kalender 12Christmas calendar illustration (,5
Kalender 13Christmas calendar illustration (,0
Kalender 14Christmas calendar illustration (,8
Kalender 15Christmas calendar illustration (,4
Kalender 16Christmas calendar illustration (,5
Kalender 17Christmas calendar illustration (,8
Kalender 18Christmas calendar illustration (,5
Kalender 19Christmas calendar illustration (,3
Kalender 20Christmas calendar illustration (,0
Kalender 21Christmas calendar illustration (,8
Kalender 22Christmas calendar illustration (,6
Kalender 23Christmas calendar illustration (,2
Kalender 24Christmas calendar illustration (,0
Professor 1With mouse (Javaspil)33,8
Professor 2Points left (Javaspil)30,3
Professor 3At blackboard (Javaspil)41,2
Professor 4Points up (Javaspil)29,9
Professor 5Welcome (Javaspil)56,7
Professor 6With equipment (Javaspil)29,2
Professor 7In front of windows (Javaspil)38,2
Professor 8Points down (Javaspil)27,2
BarnNumber card (Mikki Wikki)44,4
KrigerNumber card (Mikki Wikki)50,7
TroldmandNumber card (Mikki Wikki)42,3
RigmandssønNumber card (Mikki Wikki)37,4
TyvNumber card (Mikki Wikki)45,6
BorgNumber card (Mikki Wikki)67,9
BroPrize card (Mikki Wikki)76,7>
DragerPrize card (Mikki Wikki)67,0
FiskPrize card (Mikki Wikki)74,8
KampPrize card (Mikki Wikki)73,2
OndPrize card (Mikki Wikki)81,4
SlangePrize card (Mikki Wikki)94,4
SmykkePrize card (Mikki Wikki)68,1
SommerfuglePrize card (Mikki Wikki)77,4
TyveriPrize card (Mikki Wikki)77,4
VandfaldPrize card (Mikki Wikki)69,5
DetektivAs detective (DBS)38,6
FiskWith a fish (DBS)96,7
FjernsynWith home-made television (DBS)59,9
FlagRaising a flag (DBS)32,3
HonnørSaluting (DBS)40,0
IsWith icecream (DBS)38,4
Kig indLooking in from right (DBS)20,3
Logo 1Logo (DBS)25,6
Logo 2Logo with mascot (DBS)50,1
PlakatPoster (DBS)175
RygsækWith backpack (DBS)41,3
SnobrødBaking bread on stick (DBS)43,4
SoverSleeping (DBS)42,8
TeltIn a tent (DBS)52,6
TryllerDoes magic (DBS)59,1
TræPlaying in a tree (DBS)53,5
TurkisDobo's home planet (DBS)63,3
TømmerflådeOn a raft (DBS)88,5
UFOWith flying saucer (DBS)44,6
UniformIn uniform (DBS)47,7
VandJumping in water (DBS)55,6
Back BlowsAs it says... (BRS)52,7
VenepumpePrincipal illustration (BRS)36,1
ForbindingAir-tight compression (BRS)64,1
TårevejeneEye/nose region (BRS)30,9
WhiplashAs it says... (BRS)46,4
ForbrændingerBurns to the legs (BRS)77,0
SkalpenThe scalp's construction (BRS)40,9
LedTwo joints (BRS)52,6
PetekkierMeningitis symptom (BRS)21,5
SkeletSkeleton with kidneys etc. (BRS)37,5
ForfrysningColdburn of the hand (BRS)15,9
NeuronNerves (BRS)45,0
KnogleThe bone's construction (BRS)54,8
UHM spædbarnHeimlich on a baby (BRS)49,2
Blow Out FractureBall hits eye (BRS)29,8
AMIThrombosis in the heart (BRS)34,9
BrevSigurd with a letter (FDF)57,8
FDFereFDF children hiking (FDF)105
GlædeshopSigurd is happy (FDF)56,2
Hemmeligt stedThe secret place in the forest (FDF)130
IdéSille has an idea (FDF)58,0
LegPlaying ball (FDF)79,1
LejrbålAt the camp fire (FDF)84,7
MaskotterIn natural clothes and uniforms (FDF)194
NaturDiscovering (FDF)75,9
RygsækkeHiking (FDF)63,8
SkattejagtTreasure hunting (FDF)79,2
Slapper afSigurd relaxes (FDF)54,8
SoveposerWith sleeping bags (FDF)58,8
SyngerSille sings (FDF)67,5
TænkerSille thinking (FDF)57,9
VenskabHuge hug (FDF)69,6
EviggladLadybird (Wissing)42,1
GeniusBook worm (Wissing)56,9
GifFiery girl (Wissing)55,3
GuffeLoves food (Wissing)62,8
PerleHedgehog (Wissing)65,5
RagnaRaven (Wissing)40,3
RokRat (Wissing)51,7
SilkeFairy (Wissing)62,3
SolstråleGirl with shining hair (Wissing)63,0
SpireYounger brother (Wissing)62,5
SunnyAdventurous guy (Wissing)69,1
Tegneserie 1Comic without text (Wissing)116
Tegneserie 2Comic without text (Wissing)117
ComputerWith flat screen (Maersk)54,2
CooperationThree person discussion (Maersk)60,8
Flat GlobeWorld map (Maersk)68,2
PrinterA printer (Maersk)42,7
ProcessDifferent process parts (Maersk)54,7
ProgrammerPerson with computer (Maersk)46,4
Round globeWorld globe (Maersk)45,9
TeacherWith blackboard (Maersk)52,1
Faurby 330 TopBoat top view (Faurby)137
Faurby 330 ProfileBoat profile view (Faurby)65,9
Faurby 360 TopBoat top view (Faurby)143
Faurby 360 ProfileBoat profile view (Faurby)70,3
Faurby 363 TopBoat top view (Faurby)155
Faurby 363 ProfileBoat profile view (Faurby)67,0
Faurby 396 TopBoat top view (Faurby)166
Faurby 396 ProfileBoat profile view (Faurby)73,0
Faurby 424 TopBoat top view (Faurby)149
Faurby 424 ProfileBoat profile view (Faurby)66,3
GirafMascot (Langelandsfestival)74,0
JulegirafChristmas version (Langelandsfestival)79,6
GiraffamilieMascots (Langelandsfestival)124
JulegiraffamilieChristmas version (Langelandsfestival)134
Giraffamilie, teltIn tent (Langelandsfestival)107
Julegiraffamilie, teltChristmas version (Langelandsfestival)113
Giraffamilie, campingIn camper (Langelandsfestival)105
Julegiraffamilie, campingChristmas version (Langelandsfestival)110
FestivalpladsFestival scene (Langelandsfestival)188
JulefestivalpladsWith Christmas decorations (Langelandsfestival)191
JulepyntChristmas decorations (Langelandsfestival)72,7
BørnelandChildren's area (Langelandsfestival)112
CowboygirafGiraf with cowboy hat (Langelandsfestival)79,9
CowboyanimationGunslinger animation (Langelandsfestival)186
Blomst-JensenThe Blomst-Jensen family (Langelandsfestival)114
AlarmmodulAlarm module (Vikingegaarden)58,8
BådeBoats (Vikingegaarden)47,1
ChatChat module (Vikingegaarden)58,0
ContainereContainers (Vikingegaarden)60,9
DatammodulData module (Vikingegaarden)52,1
EntreprenørerEntrepreneurs (Vikingegaarden)52,5
Farligt godsDangerous goods (Vikingegaarden)64,1
FlexmodulFlex module (Vikingegaarden)56,0
IndustriIndustry (Vikingegaarden)53,0
KøreregnskabDriving overview (Vikingegaarden)65,6
ServicemodulService module (Vikingegaarden)52,1
SommerhusSummerhouse (Vikingegaarden)52,7
SporingTracking module (Vikingegaarden)49,7
VandværkWaterworks (Vikingegaarden)46,3
VMSControl module (Vikingegaarden)67,1
ModuloversigtModule overview (Vikingegaarden)71,1
Money Bunny 1Birthday (Andelskassen)70,5
Money Bunny 2Lying down (Andelskassen)67,5
Money Bunny 3Running (Andelskassen)62,3
Money Bunny 4In the garden (Andelskassen)98,3
MyldrebilledeFind Money Bunny! (Andelskassen)317
Money Bunny 5Christmas (Andelskassen)93,1
Money Bunny 6Writing (Andelskassen)93,9
Money Bunny 7Sitting (Andelskassen)69,0
Money Bunny 8With books (Andelskassen)100
HistorieStory illustration (Andelskassen)87,4
Tegneserie 1Comic page 1 (Andelskassen)197
Tegneserie 2Comic page 2 (Andelskassen)199
Malebog 1Colouring book (Andelskassen)98,9
Malebog 2Colouring book (Andelskassen)126
Malebog 3Colouring book (Andelskassen)141
Malebog 4Colouring book (Andelskassen)163
Money Bunny 9With flashlight (Andelskassen)71,1
PlakatFind Money Bunny! (Andelskassen)788

Alice blinkShe's blinking (,7
Arla-KikieKikie as Arla girl (Autocity)97,4
ArosPolar bear mascot (AGF)80,7
Bakken 1Renovation (Bakken)168
Bakken 2Nursing Room (Bakken)133
BedsteHost maskot (,7
Ebbe HMascot (EBH Bank)71,7
Ebyg-maskotSmall plumber (A. & O. Johansen)106
Ebyg-maskot 2At a desk (A. & O. Johansen)86,0
Ebyg-maskot 3In a bathroom (A. & O. Johansen)107
Ebyg-maskot 4Easter riddle (A. & O. Johansen)50,7
FalkeneThe scout group Falkene (KFUM)121
FalkeSix portraits, Falkene (KFUM)37,5
Grazat-maskotMaskot for a magazine (KFUM)65,6
Jumper 1Mascot, card (Jerslev sparekasse)106
Jumper 2Mascot, misc. (Jerslev sparekasse)132
KikieKikie, en face (Autocity)31,5
HajShark Mascot (Klaksvikar Itrótterfelag)72,3
KoMascot (Spar Thy)66,7
KænguruA Kangaroo with clothes (Kids Corner)74,9
Lama 1Llama mascot (Happy Lama Travel)189
Lama 2Llama mascot (Happy Lama Travel)204
LogicxMascot (Logicx)110
Milox-maskotIn a van (A. & O. Johansen)57,7
Milox-vognFront view of van (A. & O. Johansen)51,0
PengoKangaroo (Sparekassen Midtfjord)60,9
PølsepusherSausage cowboy (Wibergs)103
Sheep 1A Sheep bathing (Filtværkstedet)25
Sheep 2A furry problem (Filtværkstedet)49,9
TegnebordetNatalie (,7
TigermaskotNormal, happy and sad (Tinez)94,5
TopperMascot (Løkken Sparekasse)78,4
UrfugleBlack grouse with guitars (Rock i Remisen)134
Verdande 1Christmas card (BioPhausia)182
Verdande 2With basket (BioPhausia)75,5

Logos and banners
Buzz KidsLogo (Buzz Kids)50,5
Buzz sportLogo (Buzz Sport)62,5
BøjenLogo (Bøjen)48,9
DanmarkshopLogo (,8
DyretaxiLogo (Dansk Kæledyrsservice)86,8
FalkelogoFalkene (KFUM)15,1
FLLogo (Frisørlageret)51,3
GoobyLogo (,8
Hot DucksLogo (Hot Ducks)69,6
Last FlightLogo (EuroForce)77,9
LetkøbingLogo (,9
Lykkebanner 1Banner 468x60 (Lykkedyr)14,7
Lykkebanner 2Banner 250x60 (Lykkedyr)14,0
Netdatingsbanner 1banner 250x60 (,6
Netdatingsbanner 2banner 468x60 (,5
Redningsbannerbanner 420x60 (,7
Scandinavian GooseLogo (Eastbridge)38,5
SkattekistenLogo (Effi)67,7
SparfedtLogo (,0
TickerPregnancy ticker (,6
TopperlogoLogo (Løkken Sparekasse)61,6
Topper KlubbenLogo (Løkken Sparekasse)113
Topper KontoLogo (Løkken Sparekasse)109
TravnetLogo (Travnet)27,8
TårnbyLogo (Tårnby Frugt og Grønt)136
VandpoloLogo (Lystrup Svømmeafdeling)97,4
ØksedalCamp logo (DBS)79,0

Prints for clothes
BandBoy band (HRT)110
CirkelbiBee in a circle (Buzz Kids)39,7
Hippie3 hippie girls (HRT)95,0
Manga 1Japanese girl (HRT)84,9
Manga 2Japanese boy (HRT)73,6
RacerYoung Formula 1 driver (HRT)94,1
Rodeo 1Rodeo girl on horse (HRT)91,6
Rodeo 2Rodeo girl with lasso (HRT)69,2

AlexanderZar Alexander III (Grafikum)132
ArkimedesTeaches (,8
Baltiske børnScouts around camp fire (DDS)154
Bletchley ParkCode breaking (Erik Vestergaard)351
BogopslagAn open book (KFUM)76,6
BævertegneserieA beaver cartoon (KFUM)185
BørnetyperDifferent personalities (DDS)127
CykelA bike (KFUM)112
CyklerScouts biking (KFUM)92,0
E-card 1Animated e-card (
E-card 2Animated e-card (,3
EdderkoppespindCobweb (DDS)62,2
EnergiIllustrations for Energimagasinet (Exactly!)195
EnvironmentFamous Dane, Grundtvig (AVA)19
FabrikkerProces illustrations (Fagtek)297
FamiliepakkeIce cream box cover (Effi)156
FangeChained to the TV (Kjaerulff 1)97,6
FlaskepostMessage in a bottle (DDS)92,3
FotofeA fairy without wings (Fotofe)80,9
Frk. JensenAn old map (Frk. Jensen)219
Fugle20 different birds (DDS)160
FuglekasseConstruction illustration (DDS)74,3
FørstehjælpCover illustration (Gule spejdere)80,1
GirafAnimated giraffe (PN&D)253
Hit The TownCover illustration (Lymix)106
HjemmesidegrafikHomepage graphics (Lillefryd, Akaciehuset)155
HK-serierComics about equal pay (HK)168
HulemændCavemen (Horisont Grafisk)108
IkonerScouting icons (55 Nord)312
Indbydelse 1Card, front (KFUM)100
Indbydelse 2Card, back (KFUM)74,7
InsectsHomepage graphics (KFUM)28,1
IskasseLayout for icecream box (Effi)195
Jesus 1Heals the paralyzed (KFUM/KFUK)112
Jesus 2Heals the paralyzed (KFUM/KFUK)111
JulemalebogChristmas colouring book (VisitDK)142
KarikaturCaricature (KFUM)96,7
KortZoom on map (Fagtek)94,7
Lejlighed 1Homepage graphics (Autocity)79,7
LetkøbingHomepage graphics (,5
LommeA scout's pocket (DDS)70,4
LoveCover illustration (Lymix)100
LurifaxIllustration for a play (Lymix)66,8
MaleriPainting of man in uniform (Ambulix)78,7
MaskerMasks (KFUM)88,9
MatematikIllustration for playing cards (Forlaget Matematik)114
MiniigloerIgloos made of snowballs (DDS)76,8
MobbedrageBully dragon (DDS)108
MurerColumn chart (Horisont)90,5
MusikcentretHomepage graphics (Musikcentret)103
MyldrebilledeWhere's Mowgli (KFUM)372
NetDatingPoster (
OmslagHow to make a booklet (DDS)106
Only 1Index numbers (Bestseller)84,8
Only 2Usage of floor (Bestseller)87,7
OvergangIllustration for folder (KFUM)77,3
PlaygroundChildren playing (Brenderup)84,5
PungrotteCrosseyed possum (Cosmovitas)96,3
PuslespilA beach jigsaw puzzle (Sparekassen Nørre Nebel)177
SaturdayCover illustration (Lymix)124
Skovmand & BueRadio hosts (Nordjyske Landsbibliotek)120
SminkeWound make-up (DDS)90,6
SolsystemThe Solar system (ABCleg)209
SpejdertingScout equipment (KFUM)45,4
SpillepladeA board game (Rest International)372
Spørgeskema 1Scenes from kindergardens and schools (Strategos)164
Spørgeskema 2Scenes from kindergardens and schools (Strategos)159
Spørgeskema 3Scenes from kindergardens and schools (Strategos)170
TarpaulinDesign for UNICEF tarpaulin (EuroCare)96,8
TesteHomepage graphics (MJ Teste)31,3
TrompetistBased on old illustration (Gule spejdere)70,9
TræA tree (DDS)76,7
Tøj-designDifferent patterns (DDS)88,8
UlrikTest illustration (M!)82,9
VandstenInstructional illustration (NVA)85,7
VS DataCover for folder (VS Data)107