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A mixed bag of goodies..!

When I make illustrations I usually sketch several different designs for mascots or backgrounds. These designs often look very different from the finished illustrations, but they always have the same high quality as the design that is actually chosen in the end.

In stead of just letting all the exciting sketches collect dust, I have chosen to clean-up and finish the best of the designs whenever I have the time to do so. This has created an interesting collection of drawings and illustrations that you now have the opportunity to buy and use just as you like.

You can choose between either buying the right to use a design (that is, you may use the design as you wish royalty free, but the same design can still be bought by others), or you can buy the full ownership of a design (that is, you may use the design as you wish royalty free, and it will be owned by you and you alone). It will of course not be possible to buy ownership of a design that has already been bought to use previously. A design that is bought to own will also be removed from the gallery.

  • Buy in the original uncompressed Photoshop format (PSD) at prices starting around US$ 35 / € 27. The price includes conversion to any bitmap format you desire (JPG, PNG, TIFF etc.).
    Full ownership or right to use
    The illustrations are sold from this homepage through Paypal. You can pay using your Paypal account or using your debit or credit card. I will receive an email as soon as the payment is complete and will immediately upload the original file for you to download at your leisure. I check my email several times every day, but don't hesitate to contact me if you are in a hurry. You'll find my contact information by clicking "contact" in the menu.

Don't forget that you of course also have the option to order a custom mascot or illustration. Simply use the links in the menu to read the details and see samples.

Designs for sale

At the moment 120 illustrations are for sale, and I continuously add new ones.
Green border: The illustration can only be bought to use, not to own

Alice in Wonderland
Golden auction hammer
Wooden auction hammer
Evil teddybear
Bee in T-shirt
Alexander Graham Bell
Blue car
Funny blue monster
Chibi girl with doll
A couple in front of a hill
Happy and worried dragon
Dragon with box and dragon greeting
Head of a freckled boy
Head of a woman
Head of a dog
A happy squirrel on all fours
A squirrel in a tree
A squirrel waving
A colored girl with a cap
A worried colored girl
A fisherman fly fishing in a river
A happy present with a sign
A heart with flowers
Two hearts
Two cavemen with a cellphone
Happy shopping bag
Two happy kids jumping
Cool lion pointing
A girl mouse with a sign
Happy mouse in vest
A sneaky or evil brown mouse
A sneaky or evil blue mouse
A nerdy hippie
Elderly man with book
A nerd with smartphone and a book
A cute girl on a swing
A girl working at a computer
A builder with a jig saw puzzle
A dance logo
Magenta quick snail
Green snail with flying helmet
Friendly yellow snail
Funny and fresh quick blue snail
A snowmobile in winter landscape
Girl with tabletop phone
A fairy brings on winter
Two cute polar bears and a seal
A bear cub gets a christmas present
A cute dragon (avatar)
A cute party girl (avatar)
A cute soccer player (avatar)
A cut hip hopper (avatar)
A cute hippie girl (avatar)
A cute handball player (avatar)
A cute pixie (avatar)
A cute Rambo soldier (avatar)
A cute rider (avatar)
A cute singer (avatar)
A cute skater (avatar)
A cute viking (avatar)
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A young mother with her infant baby
A mother protects her child
A young man is haunted by the past
A man gives the thumbs up sign
A cute blue wolf
A group of trendy young people
A duckling with a headset in an eggshell
Copenhagen skyline in silhouette
A cool guy with a lighter
A cool girl with a box of matches
A cute green cat with a teddybear
A cute orange sea serpent
A cool wolf on the red carpet
A cute fantasy animal
A cute green dragon
A cute fox in a desert landscape
A blind mouse
A furry fantasy creature
A creature in a box
A cute centipede with sneakers
A cool flying teddy bear
A cute unicorn
A cute pink whale with wings
A mathematics snake with a pointing stick
A snake reads books
Snake teaches in front of blackboard
Birthday card with dragon and mouse
Unicorn in a forest
A fox and a cat hugging
Girl and two fantasy creatures at a party
Teddy bear in airplane draws a heart in the sky
Cool wolf on motorbike
Bird with two heads in a tree
A group of cute fantasy creatures and animals
A blind mouse speaks of cheese
A snow monster with snowmen
A cute cat plays with a teddy bear
A wolf with a parachute
A cute green dragon
A cute fox on a skateboard
Three red roses
A flower bed
Three yellow flowers
Collection of flowers
Anarchist pixie
Soccer referee and coach
Clownfish, Koi Carp and Neon Tetra
A cute lion cub
A flirty lioness
A cute lion cub with a butterfly
A lion dressed as a knight
A panther with a flower in its hair
A young plant with seed leaves
A cute troll on a rock
A leader with an employee
A large blue fish
A red eyed green tree frog
A tall butler
A chubby butler